Executive with near two decades experience in the information technology products and services industry.

Currently managing director for WaveAccess Nordics ApS, the Scandinavian branch of WaveAccess Ltd, a 300 man software service and outsourcing company in St. Petersburg, Russia. Also boardmember in Geokon A/S, a software company in Denmark and a market leader within environmental information systems.

Previously founder of multiple software companies, and consultant for international corporations, such as Unity technologies, Novo Nordisk IT (NNIT), Teradata, Elkjøp (Elgiganten) and more.

Primary expertise in design, implementation and management of software development, outsourcing (offshoring, nearshoring or local) and service operations, as well as managing the business around these.

Domain experience in verticals such as gaming, marketing, advertising, retail, pharma, public sector and banking, as well as horizontals such as enterprise software, robotic process automation (RPA), CRM and marketing automation, digital marketing, knowledge management, e-learning, workflow and process.

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